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Miami County Horse Council  

Meeting March 14, 2015 


Before the meeting started members played a horse version of family feud. It was a fun way to review horse facts and remind us of what we should know about our horses. 


Horses Vitals 

Temperature should be: 99 – 101 degrees 

Respiration Rate: 8-12 per minute 

Pulse: 36 – 42 beats per minute 

Capillary refill: 2 seconds 


Getting your horse in condition for trail riding you should start with lunging your horse at a walk/trot. Trot you horse for 5 minutes and walk for three and repeat. Start with 15 – 20 minutes and build up to longer durations.  


Check your tack and make sure that you do not have any excessive wear and tear.  


When traveling know where the nearest veterinarians are located. 


Practice picketing and exposing your horse to things you might encounter when you our on camping trips to help your horse be sensitized to these occurrences. 


On average you cover 3-4 miles in an hour at a walk, 8 – 10 miles at a trot. 



Dinner as usual was good with a chocolate fondue with fruit and marshmallows for dessert. 


President Susan Cavedo called the meeting to order at 7:30 


There were 15 members present and one guest. 


Miami County Trail Task Force Report: 

  • Unfortunately it has been reported that there have been trail riders riding off trail at Honeycreek. This is a good way to lose what we worked so hard to obtain. Remember you must pack your manure out of the parking area! 

  • Leaders met with Tipp City Council and are going to add more signs in hopes of making it clear where you can and cannot ride.  The task force I paying for the new signs 

  • There will be a delay (6 – 12 months) in connecting Kyle Park with Honeycreek due to a grant process that has to be completed first. The task force is going to look farther north for a possible connection. This will involve private property. 

  • Good news is there have been no studies showing that horse manure is harmful to water supply 

  • Montgomery County OHC is planning on a ride at Honeycreek on May 16th. 


Trail Boss Report 

  • First club ride April 17th at Englewood at Noon. Great place to get your horse warmed up for the season. 

  • Will look into scheduling a club activity at Faustman’s ranch. 



President’s Report 

  • Equine Affair April 9 – 12th 

  • No meeting in April due to the Equine Affair 

  • Meeting dates for May – September will be on Thursday Nights at 6:30. Meetings will be held at Kyle Park. There is a shelter at the park.  

  • Next Meeting is at May 14th at Kyle Park.  

  • April 21st there will be a speaker, Susan Barr,  on REIKI – non touch healing. This presentation is being held in Greenville at Kellar’s 


New Business: 

  • Fun Show at Hueston Woods on May 23rd 

  • Stat ride at Hueston Woods October 9, 10, 11th  

  • You can now reserve you site on the ODNR web site for Hueston Woods 

  • Montgomery County is having a clean up at Scycamore on 3/28 at noon. 

  • Deb Retman presented her ID bracelet that has contact information on it in case of an emergency. Made by trail ID.  

  • Reminder to carry your cell phone on you not in your saddle bag. 

  • Twin Creek is being patrolled by Rangers on ATVs. This includes the horse trails. There have been problems with hikers on horse trails and horseback riders on hiking trails. Tickets will be issued. 

  • May 2nd in Oxford there is a Red Bricks and Roses Carriage Parade. 



A horse is the projection of peoples' dreams about themselves - strong, powerful, beautiful - and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence. 

See you on the trails